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Meeting your needs for mid-range
machined parts and fabrications

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Our Mission

To Excel in the world of machining and fabricating by providing our valued customers with the highest standard of products and services that can be produced by our experienced work force of quality oriented personnel at a competitive price.

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We believe our equipment and skill are equal to any machining / fabricating task. Challenge us. Chances are you'll find that Dilco Industries should be your custom-parts supplier. Better yet, send us a print and we'll reply with a cost quote. The little time it takes could pay big dividends

E-mail us at: dilcoind@aol.com

Dilco Industries Inc.
1801 St. Rt. #9
P.O.Box 859
Salem, OH 44460

(330) 337-6732
(330) 337-0411 FAX

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